Kevin Knight
Born and raised in Petrolia, Kevin is a graduate of the Humber College Funeral Services Education Program. He obtained his Ontario Funeral Directors License in 1989. His roots in funeral service date back to 1980 when he was 14 years old. As a young high school student attending L.C.C.V.I. in Petrolia, Kevin worked part time for Roger and Pat Mailloux at the Needham-Jay Funeral Home. Upon the completion of his education at Humber College he apprenticed at the McKenzie and Blundy Funeral Home in Sarnia and worked there for a number of years after obtaining his funeral directors license. Kevin currently resides in Corunna with his spouse Brenda and their children Duane, Aaron, Amber, Brendan and Ronn. When he’s not working at the funeral home, Kevin enjoys spending time racing at local drag strips, working on his drag race car or building the occasional house.

Allan Knight
Born and raised in Dawn Township, Allan graduated from the University of Guelph and enjoyed a career working for Dow Chemical in Sarnia and Fort Saskatchewan until his retirement in 1996. He and his wife Sylvia are the parents of Kevin and have been instrumental in helping to establish the funeral home in Corunna. Since his retirement, Allan spends time helping at the funeral home, curling, traveling and when the need arises, he helps Kevin with his home building.

Sylvia Knight
Born and raised in Dawn Township, Sylvia has devoted her time to her children, grandchildren and friends. She spends some of her time as a friendly visitor with the V.O.N., volunteers for many functions at the Corunna United Church, volunteers with the ALS Society, enjoys curling and likes to travel to see her family in the West. She also finds time to look after the bookkeeping, donations and working of visitations and funerals when the need arises.

Brenda Feenstra
Born and raised in the Petrolia area, Brenda divides her time between the funeral home and working for a physicians office in Petrolia. Brenda currently resides in Corunna with Kevin and their children, Amber, Ronn, Duane, Aaron and Brendan. When time allows, Brenda assists with the donations during visitations and funerals. When she’s not working at either of her jobs or transporting her children to various functions, she enjoys line dancing, cooking or helping Kevin with the building of the occasional house.

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